Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Blog Love Five

Here are five blogs I am loving right now. Not necessarily new, but new to me.

I love Tahnee's blog, she writes of her everyday life, being a stay at home mum to her three little ones. She is gorgeous, as are her children and photographs.

Beautiful, beautiful Amelia. She writes from the heart, her story is that of a fairy tale and her wedding confirms it, with stunning photographs by the talented Tim Coulson.

Gorgeous Stacey, she says it herself, she is a lover of life and the simple things. A beautiful family and a beautiful life. {and even more amazing photos by Tim.}

Lovely Ainslie, creative and passionate. Blogs about her suburban adventures. Capturing the beauty in the everyday. 

Greer is simply delightful, recording her days with her family living in the beautiful Southern Highlands. Her children are gorgeous and recipes to die for. 

I love these ladies and think you will too. 



  1. love hearing about new blogs, off to check them out xx

  2. Wonderful, I love finding new blogs. Thanks!

  3. Love having new blogs recommended! can't wait to check these out. Thank you!xoxox

  4. Aw, shucks! I'm all blushy now. Thanks x

  5. Yes I do love! A couple of new ones in there for me, so thanks for the intro.
    I would add Lemon Rhodes if this was my list!

  6. Some great finds there Jody. Thanks for sharing!

  7. well aren't you just my favourite person today! lovin the love, lovely lady. THANKYOU MUCHLY!!! xx

  8. Thanks for sharing - I did find some lovelies!

  9. just stumbled across Tahnee's blog so looking forward to meeting the rest on your list Jody!

  10. Thank you so much Jody! I am passionate about what I do which is why what you wrote means so much to me, I really appreciate your lovely words,
    xx Ainslie

  11. Oh lovely, all of these are new to me - excited to go and explore them!

  12. Thank you so so much lovely lady. You are a treasure.



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