Thursday, 9 February 2012

Happy Birthday Mr.S

Happy birthday to my gorgeous hubby Mr.S. 
We first met twelve years ago on this day and as soon as I saw you I knew you were the one.
You are truly an awesome husband and father.
I love what we have, and I couldn't imagine my  life any other way. 

Today we celebrate. Presents in bed, the little ones made you cards and paintings. 
I'll make you eggs for breakfast and one of your favourite meals for dinner. 
We have party hats, ballons and blower things just for fun as well as jelly swirl cheesecake. 
Because you always like to make strange cake requests, just to give me something to do.

No placed i'd rather be, than to be with you.

Love, love and then some more love.


photos by Little Red Photography.


  1. hip hip hooray for today! such beautiful words jody. xo

  2. that's love. he sounds wonderful - and that second pic!!! oh healt melt kinda stuff. happy birthday mr lemon rhodes!! xx

  3. Happy Bday Mr S, hope you all have a wonderful day xx

  4. So beautiful Jody!

    Darling little family xx

  5. Beautiful Photos, Beautiful Words Jody.
    Happy Birthday Mr S.

  6. How beautiful. Happy Birthday! I hope you all have a great day. xo

  7. That's just beautiful Jody. Happy Birthday Mr S!

  8. Totally lovely Jody, my little heart is all warm after reading that :o) Happy Birthday to your Mr S, I'm sure he had the best of birthdays with the line up you had for him xo

  9. Naw, happy birthday to the Mr!
    I love those photos, they are so cute.

    Rach x

  10. I love that your husband puts in cake requests (and just checked out your gay time cake - brilliant!) . Happy birthday to your Mr S!

  11. You're both sweethearts. I'm glad you are so lucky and even gladder that you know it. x

  12. You guys are so so sweet. I love reading about love. :)
    Happy Birthday to Mr S! xx

  13. Gosh that second picture is beautiful. Nice to meet you Jody.


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