Friday, 17 February 2012

Kitchen Time

I fancy myself to be a pretty good cook, always spending a lot of time in the kitchen, reading recipe books, cooking new things... Well that was before I had kids. For the last three years, I have cooked what I know, quick, easy, home-cooked meals, with limited experimentation.

But this week, thanks to this lady, I have found my self back in the kitchen, cooking new, inspiring and delicious recipes, that not only I have loved but my little ones have too.

I feel like my old self again.

I love cooking for my family, I love them to try, taste and experience new foods. And I am grateful for that. I'm grateful that I feel inspired to be more creative in the kitchen again, that my little ones are accepting of new foods and that I am able to provide that experience for them.

Linking up with Maxabella, what are you grateful for this week?

Happy weekend!

x jody


  1. She inspires me too. Not only to cook for myself, but the obvious love she puts into it with and for her family inspires me to enjoy it more for their sake.

  2. Ah yes the first few years of motherhood did that to me too. Only now have I recently started experimenting with new flavours and recipes and it is so refreshing. I made a beautiful Minestrone soup tonight, from scratch, no recipe and with some fresh crusty bread was a hearty, flavoursome and healthy meal. The littlest one wasn't that impressed though LOL

  3. I think you must be pretty ace in the kitchen! Every recipe I've tried of yours has been very well received here too. Unfortunately Rubys going through a very picky stage and is turning her nose up at a few things, which Jenson then copys. chocolate oat cookies this weekend! I'm sure she won't say no to them!! xo

  4. That is a very cute photo, Jody. It's wonderful that you're back in your 'spot' - I'm a baker and love it, but not a very good meal maker. The cooking thing is just not as much fun as the baking thing. x

  5. PS - Just spotted your 'gaytime cake' post... guess where I'm going next! x

  6. Renee, you are so right, she is inspiring in every way! x

  7. That Ruth... She's one inspiring lady isn't she! The variety of beautiful cuisines she makes for her family is just incredible. Such a cool mum.
    I hope I can make school lunches as well as her when the time comes!
    Glad you're getting your foodie mojo back Jody... I think I've lost mine a bit too... I need to get it back. xx

  8. I love cooking and baking, too. I definitely have my regular go-to recipes, lots of soups, that are easy and healthy. But I do like to try something new at least once a week. Hope your weekend is wonderful. Tammy

  9. I hear you Jody - it's so easy to stick to the same pattern of meals day in day out. Good on you for getting your mojo back. And if your instagram pics are anything to go by, your kitchen experimenting looks delish. x

  10. Um WOW!!!! I just came across this post! T H A N K Y O U for the lovely words in the post - and the comments!!!!
    My whole cooking philosophy is about sharing the joy.
    It gives me UNTOLD joy when I hear that recipes of mine have been cooked and shared with ones you love....but better still that you have all loved them.
    Thankyou Jody.


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