Sunday, 26 February 2012

{the weekend} feet up

There was a lot of feet up action here this weekend, as we took shelter from the scorching Melbourne heat.
It was seriously hot, too hot for me.

I worked on Saturday and then came home to the most awesome surprise, my brother was home! He had changed to an earlier flight and got back four days early! So good to have him back, I really did miss him so! We then had some friends that we hadn't seen for a long time over for a bbq, it was lovely to see them and the children played wonderfully together. It was an early night, thankfully, after what was a long hot day, I was tired.

Sunday we laid low and tried to keep cool. We had a leisurely breakfast and coffee, pottered around, relaxed, lazed, listened to music and spent quality time with the little ones. And also did extra fun stuff like catch up on the washing and I even washed my couch covers, who knew you could!? They were dry in no time.

A nice all round relaxing weekend, before a busy week ahead.

I hope you had a lovely weekend too!



  1. Love a good weekend!! I need to do my couch covers too but so worried I'll ruin them! xx

  2. It was seriously hot wasn't it!!
    And how fun to see your brother.

  3. blissful.

    I must admit I am looking forward to a lazy day rugged up watching DVDs while it is freezing outside after this horror humidity.

  4. It was far too hot for us too. And so nice to read your brother's back, mine went to Perth for a few years and only recently came home - they can leave a hole in your world can't they? x

  5. That's my idea of a beautiful weekend. Lucky you! x

  6. Sounds so relaxing Jody. The perfect kind of weekend.

  7. Oh that does sound good. It's impossible to stay still with my kids, a couple of them just need to MOVE... and when the weather is hot this is an issue, but a lot less now we have a bakyard pool - bloomin' fantastic!

  8. So nice to have your brother back, nothing like that reassurance of having family close to home. Sounds like a lovely weekend Jody xo


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