Monday, 26 March 2012

{the weekend} the birthday one

As you know Lyla and I celebrated our birthdays over the weekend. My parents made the trip from Sydney to join us and most importantly babysit! MrS and I headed out Friday night with my brother to see our friends bands play {Too Soon! and The Lost Day} It was a great night, surrounded by loads of great people. The bands were awesome, a little heavy for my everyday music taste, but so fun to see live. It brought me right back to my younger days. Child-free and in the mood for celebrating, I really let my hair down, maybe even a little too much so. I really suffered the next day, worst hangover ever. And I had to work too. It wasn't pretty. Lots of sleep and some yummy fish and chips helped, thanks MrS you're the best.   

Sunday we took the little ones and the grandparents to the pool for a swim and some fun. We then spent the afternoon with our closest friends to continue the birthday celebrations with more drinks and cake. We had a great time, Lyla loved it and my Mum made a pretty awesome sponge cake for us.

It really was a wonderful birthday weekend. So fun and exhausting. I'm still recovering.

Thank you so much to everyone who sent Lyla and I birthday wishes.

I hope you had a good weekend too!



  1. Ooooh, what a fabulous birthday weekend. But not the hangover part. Love, love, love the photo of Lyla blowing out the candles. Just divine. x

  2. That really does sound like the best birthday weekend ever Jody! Good on you for letting your hair down, that is awesome to hear... you looked just gorgeous by the way! Love the cake photos, so so cute and the sponge looks amazing, so nice to have it made by your Mama too. What a great post xo

  3. oh my lord - the photos of lyla blowing out the candles!!! sweetness right there. you look beautiful, so glad you felt special and had a wonderful weekend of celebrations. another year older and wiser.. and still a baby!! haha xx

  4. Hmmm that sponge looks wonderful, should go straight to the Easter Show with that one! Lyla is just gorgeous, and you captured the joy of blowing out the candles. Precious. x

  5. What an amazing set of photos you've managed to capture......beautiful.
    Happy birthday to you both, have a wonderful week.

  6. The photos of Lyla blowing out the candles are adorable!! And that cake looks amazing.
    So pleased you had such a wonderful weekend! xx

  7. Sometimes the hangover is worth it and this sounds like one of those times.
    Happy birthday!!

  8. Sounds you had a great weekend. Any chance your Mum could make an extra cake? It looks divine.

  9. Happy Birthday girls!!! The cake looks delicious! Look forward to meeting you at the conference on Friday!

  10. Happy Birthday Lyla and Jody!! Glad you had a fantastic birthday weekend!


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