Monday, 2 April 2012

Digital parents conference {things I learnt}

Last Friday I headed off to my first ever Digital Parents conference, I was lucky enough to win the ticket through the gorgeous Danimezza to attend the event. It was a full on, action packed day. So much to take in, it was all a little overwhelming.

Thankfully I got to spend the day with some pretty awesome ladies {you know who you are!} hopefully one of you took some notes down for me, since I was preoccupied with checking out the room and generally being distracting.

Things I learnt:
. Catching up with some gorgeous bloggy friends and making lots of new ones is totally awesome.
. Swag bags are heavy.
. Sitting next to a gorgeous six week old baby will be distracting but oh so enjoyable.
. Be confident and open minded. Be you.
. Blog for social good.
. Mini magnums are delicious.
. Some of my favorite bloggers BethEden and Bianca, are even more awesome in real life and I feel so lucky to have met them.
Shae and Eden kick ass at karaoke.
. Drinking champagne with girlfriends in hotel rooms makes me feel young and carefree.
Photo-booths are the best. But I should try not to hog them.
. When parking always remember where you put your ticket. Also remembering where you park is important too.  

I really had an awesome day. The conference and speakers were all amazing. The social and networking even more so. Bloggers are so inspiring and empowering. I loved every minute of it.

x jody


  1. Sounds like a fabulous experience Jody. I agree, bloggers are a wonderful bunch, so nice to be able to branch out and make special connections through our keypads. Love the photo booth shots, looks like you were all having a ball xo

  2. Awww I'm so glad you enjoyed yourself, I was grinning ear to ear when I read your post xx

  3. It was SO nice to meet you Jody! x

  4. The photo booth was fantastic wasn't it!
    Lovely to see you again x

  5. It's been so fun seeing all the action on IG..sounds like you had a wonderful time.

  6. Sounds like a wonderful time, I love drinking champagne in hotel rooms too x

  7. Loved it all. Especially quality time with you. xx

  8. Best. Fun. At. A. Conference. Ever. Thank you for a fabulous day and if you find out who took notes, I'd love to know ;) It was lovely to spend the day together xx

  9. Best fun ever drinking champagne and gossiping, the conference wasn't bad either ;) Love that we're friends and can share this stuff xx

  10. sounds and looks awesome x


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