Monday, 16 April 2012

{the weekend}

This weekend just seemed to fly by. I blinked and it was over. Saturday I worked, had my eyebrows threaded and lunch out with a friend. MrS and Riley headed to the rugby in the afternoon with Uncle Bert, while Lyla and I took Archie for a nice big walk. We then all headed out for an early dinner to our favourite local Japanese restaurant joined by some ace friends, it was amazing as always.
Uncle Bert had slept over, so on Sunday, we had a slow start then headed to the pool for a swim, the kids love the pool and its a nice thing we can all enjoy together. For lunch we made yummy pancakes and then all had a nice big rest while the kiddies napped. The afternoon was a quiet one with a quick trip to the park and cheeky fish and chips for dinner!

And now Monday is here once again. 

Hope you have a lovely week! 

x jody

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  1. How fun! Is it just me or has Miss L suddenly grown up before our eyes - she's looking like a proper little lady now she's 2! xx

  2. Little Lyla is a natural model. Sunnies hung casually on short, leaning against graffitied wall, skinny jeans and boots......sounds like such a nice weekend x

  3. Sounds like a top weekend Jody! Loving those pics of Lyla and Archie, they are both super cute... and both getting bigger by the day by the looks of it. Gorgeous! xo

  4. Sounds lovely. Your puppy is adorable, I want one!!

    Lyla looks so grown up in that 2nd photo!! Love her hair :)


  5. She's just too cute! What shoes is she wearing? Kellie xx


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