Tuesday, 1 May 2012

A change of plans and surprise visits

We have busy week ahead of us. Not only did we get rid of one lot of visitors yesterday, we now have another lot coming today! Don't get me wrong I am very happy about it, it's just getting my head around it and everything that needs to be done!

Today my Mum and littlest brother will be coming to stay, Mum just for a couple of days, littlest brother for a while. He is recovering from viral meningitis and needs a little change of scene to help. It wasn't a planned trip, more of the spontaneous variety, hence the small amount of stress I am experiencing to get everything in order before they arrive!

But I am so looking forward to seeing them! The kiddies will be SO excited to see Grandma and it has been a long time since I have seen my brother. And I like surprise visits.

I have cancelled a few catch ups here and there and changed a few plans. But that's not whats important. Family comes first in this house. 

With that in mind I may not be around much this week, or I might be, who knows, just giving you the heads up.

Have a good week lovelies.

x j


  1. You're doing well Jody, it takes me all of Monday to recover from weekend visitors sometimes. Hope you get some lovely quality time together x

  2. Nothing quite like a surprise :)! I hope you enjoy your family's visit, have a lovely week!

  3. Despite the stress surprise visits are the best. Enjoy the time with your family.

  4. Enjoy!! Sounds like the perfect visitors to have x

  5. Enjoy the family week, lovely! Family always comes first here too. It's the nicest surprise possible to have family stopping by and I hope that stressed feeling passes so you can make the most of the time together. xx

  6. Oh that is no good about your poor brother Jody. That is a nasty illness, I am glad he is recovering now... and so lovely of his big sis to aid in that recovery. It will be a nice time for all of you to spend together I imagine.
    Make sure you take care of YOU also though, you're important too xo

  7. Hope you have a lovely time with them around. x

  8. Well said. Family is definitely the most important thing xx


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