Tuesday, 8 May 2012

The little keg that could

I have been promising this post for sometime now. I have shared snippets here and there on instagram and the like. My super clever hubs made this wood fire pizza oven for us a couple of years ago, crafted out of an unused beer keg, the fire builds nicely down the bottom and the pizza's cook on a stone on the top, once the fire is going they only take about 2 mins to cook! And it makes the most delicious homemade pizza!! 

Pizza is a favourite in our house, well who doesn't like a good pizza? The little people love to get in and help, it's something we like to do as a family, it's so much fun. I love to let the kids make their own and see what they come up with. Riley loves pineapple and making patterns, Lyla is all about the meat and olives. 

This is the dough recipe we use {I say we but I really have nothing to do it, it's all hubs handy work!}

500g flour {or 300g flour and 200g semolina but you may need a little more water}
325g water
1 tsp olive oil
1 tsp salt
1 tsp sugar
2 tsp dried yeast

Mix water, yeast and sugar in a cup
Pour rest of ingredients on to bench, add water and yeast mixture.
Knead for about ten minutes until silky.
{or you could use a dough attachment on an electric mixer.}
Let prove for a full hour then divide into balls and prove for another ten minutes before rolling out onto trays. Then let rest for a further ten minutes before adding your favourite topping. {this will make approx. five bases at 170g each.}

It's a little bogan, our dear pizza oven, we all have a little bogan in us. But it does make a seriously good pizza!

What is your favorite pizza??

x jody


  1. I LOVE this!! Mr S is so clever. When I lived in Moscow some of the boys made a barbecue out of a never-used toilet - they put heat beads in the bowl and a grill over the top.

    We love homemade pizza here too. It's only ever ham and cheese. B won't eat anything else and has a fit if S's mushrooms and capsicum touch the ham!!

  2. No way ... I want one!!
    I am a pumpkin, fetta, rocket, pine nuts kinda gal!!

  3. LOVE this Jodi!
    Hubs is pretty clever! A pizza oven is one of the things I desperately want for our home one day. What a great thing to do on a weekend!

    Rach x

  4. haha yeah there is totally a little bogan in all of us. this is gold, your hubby is just full of surprises! and those pizzas look better than what plenty of large pizza chains churn out! so awesome. I'd share lyla's pizza ;) x

  5. Um, how clever is your hubby!? That is utterly awesome Jody and the pizzas look amazing. Watching MasterChef the other night, one of the contestants had a giant pizza oven in his backyard and hubby and I were drooling over the thought of it. Nothing nicer than wood fired pizza.
    Gorgeous photos of your mini Masterchefs at work too! xo

  6. I would be happy to embrace my inner bogan to eat pizza from that oven! Will try your mans crust recipe next pizza night. Sounds wonderful! Xx

  7. What a great idea, and I love that they make pizzas nude!! Fantastic way to enjoy a meal outdoors :)

  8. Love your work, Lemon Jodes. Now, do you think that handy husbie of yours is up to posting a 'keg pizza oven' tutorial?? I know my unhandy husbie would be rapt! x

  9. Yes please post a how-to! That pizza looks awesome :)

  10. Is there a place to buy the bogan keg pizza oven from. I need one. PLEASE.


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