Monday, 21 May 2012

{point +shoot} a city adventure

We decided to have a quiet weekend with just the four of us after having visitors for the last three weeks its just what we needed. We made no plans, actually we might have, we just didn't keep them. I worked on Saturday, like usual, and came home to my three favourite people, still in their jarmies, in the kitchen making dough for homemade pizzas, yum! Love cosy, stay at home pizza and movie night.

Sunday hubs suggested we head in to the city for a little adventure, something we rarely ever do. Actually I don't even think the little ones have ever really been to the city before. So we all piled on the train and ventured into the city. It was the kiddies first train trip, they loved it and I loved seeing their little faces light up with excitement!

From there we hoped off at Flinders St and just went for a big walk, we headed over the yarra, stopped for some lunch in Alexandra gardens then popped over to the NGV. Another new experience for the little ones, the childrens gallery was loads of fun and surprisingly empty which was even better! After we walked some more, stopped for coffee and explored all the city had to offer. We then headed back to the train and made the exciting trip home. I think that was the kiddies favourite part of the day!

Hope you all had a lovely weekend,

xx jody

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  1. Gorgeous pics. Looks like a fun day!

  2. How wonderful is the NGV?! MMMMMM, Melbourne coffee....I'm reminiscing x

  3. What a beautiful weekend Jody, all the things good times are made of.
    Love the pictures, your little cherubs are so adorable. They look like they had heaps of fun. A trip into the city is always a great outing xo

  4. Looks and sounds like the perfect weekend! I love the photos! Lila as the captain is so cute, and funny! I hope your having a goOd week xx

  5. Looks like they had lots of fun!

  6. I'm getting a bit of Melbourne envy. There's been a few posts floating around lately! We're off there next weekend!

  7. How adorable is that baby face through the ship's captain cut out?

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  9. Ahoy there! Love these photos! Your little captain is so gorgeous!


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