Friday, 25 May 2012

A snapshot of our week

blue eyes on the way to kinder

morning conversations

Mr 3.8 growing too quickly

plenty of coffee

dress ups


park days

avoiding the rain


he has been nagging for a short haircut

first ever little ponytail

I haven't been around here much this week, rather spending more time with my little ones catching up on some of my favourite tv shows {lame I know}. Anyhow here are a few snaps of our week from instagram, apologies to those of you who have seen them already.

I hope your week has been wonderful, and your is weekend even more so.

x jody

{I'm Lemonrhodes on instagram if you would like to follow me there.}


  1. Beautiful, beautiful snapshots Jody. Instagram is truly awesome, I have just fallen in love with it myself.
    Those big blue eyes and that little pony are about the sweetest things I've seen, so cute.
    Lovely shot of you too Jody!
    Sounds like a great week of being together... hope the weekend is just as wonderful xo

  2. Hi Jody, thouht i was missing your post this week. I'ts been busy in my hood too! Rowanhas been making amazing big teeth in his mouth and has been crawling all over me most days wiping his drool over me as he goes. I did marhildas market kast Saturday and it takes me days to put everything away. I did manage a coupke of blogs. This week I am blogging about somethingvyou inspired me to do? Cant wait to show you. Xx have a lovely weekend.

  3. I love that photo of you avoiding the rain. Beautiful! I think we all have weeks, sometimes months, without being around much. Life is more important!!!

  4. I love your IG pics! Your week looks like it has been a lovely little family centred chilled week. Riley is looking so big these days, and that pony tail! So cute! x

  5. Those eyes!! And I totally love the shot of you, Jodes. x

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