Friday, 18 May 2012

A quiet house

Today, after three weeks of family staying with us, they have all gone. It was so lovely to have family here, but I must admit it is nice to have a quiet house once again. Although the kiddies are missing their Uncle K, my littlest brother, they got used to having him around, as did I. I actually haven't spent that much time with him since I left home and he was seven. I didn't realize I missed him so much, but I did, so I really enjoyed his company and the time we spent together. He is such a sweet, kind and intelligent young man. We loved having him here, kiddies were looking for him all day today in his absence and Lyla kept saying 'wake up K?!' it was very cute.

But saying that, I am oh so looking forward to a quiet weekend with my little family. Just the four of us.

What have you got planned? I hope your weekend is everything you want it to be.

xx jody


  1. oh lyla's face in the second shot! gotta love uncles :) and boy you two look similar - especially the angle in the second shot! hope your weekend is beautifully quiet and uneventful x

  2. how cute. My 3rd daughter has made a huge attachment to one of my 5 brothers. i dont know how it happened as she doesnt see him much even though we used to live down the road from each other. he was just to busy at work and seeing his friends. but when she did see him she wouldnt let him go. in october this year she will be the flower girl at his wedding.
    this weekend is a busy one for us. dh is working on saturday so its just me and the girls maybe a trip down to the beach or park. and sunday is family day where we travel back up to sydney to see the family.

  3. It always takes a day or two, like there is a space - but you guys will fill it again soon xx

  4. Aaaah, it's nice to have guests, but it's even nicer when they leave...

    Quiet weekend for us, I hope!! x

  5. Glad you had a lovely time with family. Such a special relationship watching kids with their Aunties and Uncles. Enjoy your quiet time now. x

  6. It is so lovely to have family staying, but yes, wonderful to get back to your own routine and space. Have a great weekend - we have even more kids parties to go to this weekend!

  7. Lovely photos Jody, the delight on Lyla's face is so special. Enjoy the peace of your family this weekend.
    My hubby is still away sowing, so it's just the kids and I again, I think we'll be spending most of the weekend outside!

  8. Beautiful photos. My kids adore my brother too, who doesn't have any himself YET. You have a Lyla too, our bub is Lila. Lovely name for a lovely girl. This weekend: I'll be at home again with the bub, trying to get rid of my germs while the older two are out and about with Dad.

  9. That is beautiful Jody. It so moving that you and your little family were able to spend that kind of quality time with your little bro.
    I know the relationship my boys have with my brothers and Scott's brother, is really something special.
    Gorgeous photos. Hope you had a wonderful relaxing family weekend xo


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