Monday, 18 June 2012

First timers

We received tickets to the Brave preview on Sunday and thought 'why not?' First big screen movie for the little ones and they were glued. Did not move from their seats and kept the 3D glasses on for the entire movie. Some of it went over their heads, but all in all they loved it. The vibrant animation captivated them. And we loved watching the delight on their faces at this totally new experience. 

What was the first movie you took your kids too?


  1. This is gorgeous Jody - so pleased to see your littles having such a great time xx

  2. Oh, how lovely! It's always such a big event going to their first movie. For us, it was Cars 2, but we haven't been to anything since. I am keen to start taking both boys... but might have to wait a little longer until Felix calms down a bit!
    Love the photos, so cute! xo

  3. I have some tickets to go see what ever we want but we just haven't had the chance to go and don't know what to see. looks like this movie was a hit to all that went to see it

  4. Jody this is great, love those photos of captivation! I took my eldest to the Chipmunks Movie just before school started as a special treat (it's 100km to the nearest cinema), other than that it's movies at home on the lounge, especially with the little ones it's a bit easier for now, but i'd definitely like to take them more often once they're all a bit older.

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    xo em

  6. I love this! I have only taken Ruby to the cinema once, and Cole has said a few times he would like to go but I don't think he would sit still long enough! how did lyla go? how sad that I have never seen anything in 3D... get with the times woman! ha x

  7. l like your movie experience photos! my kids saw Brave recently and loved it.


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