Friday, 29 June 2012

Grateful {reunion}

The lovely Bron of Maxabella loves is having a very special, grateful reunion this week and I couldn't help but join in the celebrations!

One of the first things I discovered when I started blogging was the Grateful linky and one of the very first comments I ever received here was from Bron. I then hesitantly joined in with this post, another first. The warmth, support and community was such a surprise to me, I hadn't expected it. But Bron made me feel welcome and it opened up a whole new world.

I haven't been very grateful lately, but here goes...

Health - we have somehow all managed to avoid sickness so far this winter, I am not sure how, but I hope it stays this way.

Girls night - who doesn't love a night out with great friends and this one I am particularly excited about!

Maxabella - Bron, you are ace. Thank you for making me stop, think and be grateful for all I have. And in a way, introducing me to this amazing blogging community. Happy two years my dear!

For all this and more I am ever grateful.

{Linking up over at Kidspot village voices for 52 Weeks of Grateful. And more celebrations here}

Happy weekend my friends.

xx jody


  1. Happy Weekend Jody. Lovely Gratefuls, a Girls Night Out is coming up for me very soon and I can't wait they are so much fun!
    Have a Great Weekend.

  2. I didn't know I was one of your first people. That sounds very me! I think I chatter on more than most. Fast typing and the gift of the gab helps muchly when commmenting!

    So very good to see you, Lemon Jodes. x

  3. I think a lot of us started blogging on gratefulness!

  4. I think Bron was my first ever commenter when I started blogging regularly. Well done on escaping winter lurgies thus far; we've had a couple of colds here already!

  5. So cool that you've escaped any winter bugs. We haven't had a day where we've all been well yet! It's been months!

  6. Jealous of escaping winter with your health!

    went on my girls night out last night so i totally connect with that grateful 9and connected with my wine a wee bit much) enjoy!

  7. Good health is such a blessing, especially in winter! We are passing bugs to each other over here :( you're so right about the grateful linky - it does feel so welcoming and supportive! X

  8. here here! love these gratefuls absolutely all of them!!!! I have just recovered after a week of hospital and an unexplained illness, and just had the best night with my bestie on the couch (that's a girls night right!!!) And born...well I just adorbs her to bits (her word too! hehe!!!!

  9. Ill drink to all of those Jody... Love girls nights out... and realise I need to do them a lot more often!! Happy weekend too xxx

  10. Your Girls night looked the best! Good for the soul those nights.
    i hope you all stay healthy this winter too!

  11. I'm with you Jody, Maxabella's grateful linky was my first introduction to the blogging community. Until I stumbled upon that about 18 mths ago I had no idea of the depth of interaction between bloggers.

    And yesterday I attended my first blogging conference, and met up with some lovely ladies who have fast become online friends!

  12. What a sweet post. It is such a nice linky and good reminder to us all isn't it. A girls night sounds great-I am long overdue for one and you've inspired me to get organising!

  13. yes, great to be grateful- hope that you stay well xx

  14. Taking the time to think about all those little things that are special in our lives is important. I know I haven't been great at doing that for a while, joining in with Bron makes to you aware and I like that. Having little ones keep well in Winter is something to be grateful for, may all of you have a well winter. And have lots of fun on your girls night out. xx

  15. Hope you loved your girls night!


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