Saturday, 21 July 2012

two peas

Looking through all the photos on my phone tonight and all I see is these two little peas. 
Peas in a pod. So so different, yet so similar at the same time. Can never get enough of them.

Happy weekend my friends! 



  1. They are all kinds of divine. So lucky to have each other xx

  2. So sweet! My two can be great together sometimes ;). They're very close in age so it can go either way.

  3. Such great mates!

    Looks like alot of harmony at your place at the moment, which is just beautiful!


  4. Oh I LOVE these shots Jody, they're so delightful. There is nothing nicer than looking over photos of two peas in a pod... I have a couple of those peas myself xo

  5. It's really beautiful to see :)

    & admittedly, it makes me CRAVE for my sister.

    If you flicked through our family albums, any photo with my sister & I look like your sweet series here :)

    Siblings are divine! x


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