Friday, 31 August 2012

Can't catch a break

We just can't seem to catch a break at the moment, it seems to be just one thing after another. Things have only just started to settle down after returning from Sydney and now the little ones are sick again! They have coughs, colds, conjunctivitis and Riley was up all last night with a raging fever. Sigh. It never ends. I feel flat, tired and unmotivated. I just can't seem to shake this fog hanging over me, over us.

So it seems this weekend will be another quiet one for us. Bunkering down, laying low and spending lots of time together as a family. Just the way I like it, well preferably without the sickness.

Happy weekend lovelies!

xx jody


  1. What can we do to make it easier? Sending you love and hugs xo

  2. Oh Jody, that is no good at all. I can relate. We've had two sick boys this week also. Last night was a shocker. I doubt I would have had one straight hour of sleep, just constant restlessness from the little fella.
    It's not easy at the best of times and you've had a number of difficult things to deal with of late.
    Hope the weekend sees a nice relaxing break for you all xo

  3. You guys are having a rough time! Sending warm springtime thoughts your way and hoping it all gets much, much easier soon. xx

  4. Wishing you warm chests and dry noses. This recurring sickness is just a suckhole. Take care! :) sarah

  5. So much love your way!

    You have such a beautiful heard, & I have every belief something incredibly good is brewing to level out this rough patch.

    The universe is kind to kind people,


  6. Hope Spring brings better times...Big Hugs to all...get well littlens xx


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