Monday, 24 September 2012


When I was younger someone once told me that I should always look out for my brothers, and I like to think I always will. 

I was ten when the littlest was born and I spent a lot of time looking after him, like another little mum I was. Changing nappies, giving him bottles, rocking him to sleep, watching and entertaining him, sometimes on the weekends I'd get up to him in the morning just so my Mum could get some more sleep. It's just what I did, I never minded, I always wanted to help. And I still do. I'm not saying I'm the perfect sister, far from it, when I was a teenager I had no interest in my brothers at all and was completely self obsessed, but I soon got over that. I like to take care of my family, some may so a little too much. I would do pretty much anything for these boys. 

The littlest was here over the weekend, so I got to spend time with some of my favourite people. Uncle Bert is always around, but it's a rarity these days for us all to be together, you know with the interstate thing. But it's always great when we do get together, I love that hubs gets along so well with them both and that the kiddies got to spend time with their uncles. The time always passes far too quickly. 

I hope as my children grow they will have a similar relationship together as I do with my brothers. And that as time goes by and we each continue to grow in ourselves, our lives change and we each take different paths, I hope that our closeness always remains.

Do you have any siblings? Are you close?

{joining lovely Lou for point + shoot}


  1. Love. What gorgeous boys!

    I so wished I had brothers.

    Beautiful shots too!!!


  2. Hi Jody!

    I have two brothers and love them to pieces! I can definitely relate to missing having your brothers around, mine live across the ditch in NZ and I so wish they were closer.

    Lovely moments captured in your photos :)

    lis xx

  3. How lovely, I'm always so envious of people with close siblings xe

  4. I have one lovely brother, we are nine years apart, he was always trying to kill me when I was little. I think he loves me now! He lives interstate and I miss him always.

  5. I grew up with two sisters wishing for at least one brother...then I got married and scored not one but FIVE brothers in the bargain!

    One of them is little like yours, and we love him to bits :)

  6. Brothers are the best! These are great photos. I can see the love! I have three older brothers, and an half brother 14 years younger, so my sister and I did the looking after thing too. I love them and miss them all to bits

  7. Oh I love this post Jody, you sound like a beautiful big sister. The photos are gorgeous, you've captured everyone's emotions beautifully, so much expression. As the youngest of 7 children and the only girl, I can totally relate to having brothers. All of mine are so caring and protective of me and I've always felt so grateful for having 6 brothers in my life xo

  8. Lovely shots. Lucky kids to have such awesome uncles. Mine have a couple too! X

  9. You sound like a much better big sister than I was, I didn't get on with my brother until we were both over the age of 18! We don't see him and his husband that often but they're both amazing with the kiddos and I love watching them together.

  10. I have an older brother and we were always very close growing up, even now, there is a connection between he and I that isn't there between he and my other sisters. it's a lovely bond to share and while I will always be disappointed ruby won't know a sisterly bond, I am ever so happy she gets to have not one, but two brothers to grow up with. lovely photos too x

  11. This is a beautiful post, Jodes. What a good looking bunch they are too!! x


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