Sunday, 28 October 2012


This time last week I was out shooting Joes bar in St Kilda, that place has such a great atmosphere and super delicious food. My first proper shoot. I was so nervous at the begging but loved every minute. So much fun! Closely followed up by a product launch that I shot as well, phew! It was a big day!

Keep your eyes out for my pics, I'm not quiet sure where they might end up...


  1. wow, thats so exciting Jody. Congrats x

  2. There's a St Kilda in Dunedin (my city) too! These shots are simply beautiful.. they could easily be in a magazine - talented lady! x

  3. You are a clever clever girl Miss Jody... love love them!

  4. this is so wonderful, you! these photos are lovely, beautifully soft. just the 50mm? x

  5. That would surely have been very exciting. Congratulations on your first proper shoot!
    Ronnie xo


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