Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Saturday + Sunday

It was a very busy weekend here for us, dinners, catch ups, shopping and two photoshoots, my very first proper ones. Exciting times my friends. And now I'm doing the late night editing thing...

How was your weekend?

x jody


  1. Goodness, you were up late! SO glad you had a good weekend. Very exciting things happening!! xx

  2. that is a cool shelf/vintage crate! What a super idea! Which room do you have it in? And, VERY exciting about photoshoots - go you!! lis x

  3. go mama! very exciting indeed, these shots are fabulous x

  4. Ooo that does sound exciting Jody. It's always wonderful to have dreams realised and put into practice. Look forward to seeing some of your work when you're ready to share xo


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