Monday, 26 November 2012

Saturday + Sunday

* Our weekend started with a swim at the local pool.
* Sourdough pancakes for lunch, I think we might all be addicted.
* A sleep for the tired little swimmers including me.
* A girls night out to see a lovely little exhibition and then onto the Gin Palace - so much fun.
* Sunday started slowly with poached eggs and tea, my hubs so good to me.
* The day was spent in the garden, clearing, pruning and pottering.
* A thriving passionfuit tree found hidden in our garden, was moved and fed. I hope it survives.
* The boys cut the grass. Riley always so keen to help, worked so hard all day.
* Tired Lyla, played happily on her own for hours with a bucket of water and things she found in the garden.

Wishing you all a happy week!

x jody


  1. Love weekends like these - simple is always good! Have a lovely week! Elaina

  2. Thanks Elaina, we love simple! x

  3. The slow weekends are always the best weekends... I wish I had time for more of them!

  4. Your pictures are divine, especially that last one xx

  5. I hope your passionfruit vine gets fruit..sometimes rootstock comes up wild and seems to only have flowers..time will tell, I hope it survives for you. It's lovely to have warm weather to enjoy outside so much in!

  6. The Gin Palace! Oh I miss Melbourne :)

    Sophie xo

  7. now THAT sounds like a wonderful weekend. and are those mini king gee's that riley is wearing??!?!? my god the cuteness x

  8. simple weekends are the best ... i love your images - capturing such beauty x


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