Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Lego love

Everyone has gone a little Lego crazy at our house, besides the prolific art making, Lego seems to be the hot favourite! I love that it's something the whole family seems to embrace and get involved in. The little man can spend hours building all sorts of things!

I am not so crazy about it and the thousands of tiny pieces spread over my floor that I am constantly picking up and stepping on - do you know how painful it is?!

I think I need to work out a better solution for the Lego situation, it needs organisation and containment.

Any ideas?

Do you love Lego at your house?

xo jody


  1. um scooz me lady you need to read my post over on JustB immediately!
    u will be singing my praises FOREVER.


    1. You're the best Ruth!

      Love it!

      Big thank you! xo

    2. Che is getting a dustpan and brush for Christmas. Truly x

  2. Haha! I was just about to say "Go see Gourmet Girlfriends post on Justb!" but Ruth pointed you in the same direction. I too will be buying a lego dustpan :)

  3. I love lego - played for hours with lego as a child. Am very keen to introduce it to my boys once my youngest has stopped putting EVERYTHING in his mouth. Here is a quote I saw - "On a scale of 1 to stepping on lego, how much pain are you in?"......... ;-)

  4. Ahhh Lego! Some of my fondest childhood memories. I can't wait to build Sage's collection x

  5. I don't think lego will EVER die! our children's children's children will still be playing with it...! ruby has the proper tiny lego, but they're only allowed to play at the table, when eliot is asleep. though that rule is getting quite lapse, e is much better at not trying to eat everything.. so we are still big duplo lovers, the boys love it so ruby prefers to join in with them - much easier to clean up than the real thing! x

  6. Oh the PAIN of stepping on lego or blocks, ouch! Really horrible stuff for that. But it is fantastico in every other way. I can't wait until the boys are old enough to really get into the big projects, at the moment, they're still on the chunkier versions... still lots of fun though xo

  7. My MIL made a huge round rug out of heavy duty cotton. She then put eyelets around the edge and threaded cord through it. So basically it was a giant drawstring blanket. All the lego got piles in there, and the ends drawn up and tied. Kids could then drag it to whichever part of the house they wanted to be in, or outside and play.

    I am a huge fan of children being able to roam in their play, and this was a great solution Kids are actvie, even when building, it's part of their learning process often, I'm less of a table top person for that reason, unless that's where the kids want to play.

    And I'd grab a lego dustpan ah la Ruth's style too!

  8. I cant wait for my son to be old enough to play with lego! I cant wait for my partner to play it with him also! x


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