Friday, 21 December 2012

These Days

The days around here lately have been filled and busy in the preparation for visitors and Christmas, whilst there is winding down in some areas of our life like work and kinder the other areas are winding up with shopping, present wrapping, menu planning and catch ups.

We have spent more days at the beach with lovely friends, making our Christmas puddings and baking, had dinners out, more crafting with the kids {oh the glitter!} and watched Riley perform at his end of year concert {which was heart meltingly, tear jerkingly awesome}.

I love this time of year, I can feel the excitement building and it makes me feel childlike once again. We have lots of things planned over the next couple of days/week, spending lots of time with some pretty special people which I'm looking forward too. Mostly I'm looking forward to Christmas with my gorgeous little ones, the are so SO excited, the first year they have really 'got it', so magical to behold.

This weekend we have a fabulous Mexican inspired feast planned as part of our Christmas celebration with my family. I cannot wait!

Wishing you all a happy and festive weekend!

xo jody

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  1. Sounds like an exciting/busy week for you guys! I agree, it is SUCH an exciting time of year. Have a fantastic Christmas!! xxx

  2. Enjoy your mexican feast and wow, that top photo just blew me away. It's STUNNING. x

  3. Lovely Jody - hope you all have a fantastic Christmas x

  4. It's pure magical experiencing Christmas through the eyes of our little ones :)
    Have yourself a wonderful Christmas Jody.

  5. Oh my - look at all that glitter! Hope you have a great Xmas :)

  6. It really is a magical time of year especially with babies, I love it too and I will miss it when it is all over.

    love love love the glitter hands

  7. Oh my, that glitter! I always laugh because my husband calls it 'Devil's dandruff' :) x

  8. you said it so well jody, to feel childlike - I couldn't agree more! I think that is why I still love it so, the belief in santa and making it all so special for the smalls. I was pretty lapse with blog reading prior to christmas so I hope yours was wonderful and relaxing xx


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