Monday, 10 December 2012

Weekly Stills

Last week just seemed to fly by. I swear I did dress my kids, although it appears they wore the same pyjamas the entire time. We do love pyjama days...

1. Making gingerbread
2. More Lego play
3. Homemade pesto
4. More gardening and planting
5. Lady bird
6. Lyla's sweet top knot
7. Home grown lettuce

xx jody

Joining this gorgeous lady.


  1. gorgeous pics.
    LOVE the topknot!
    visiting from Em's xx

  2. Homemade pesto is the bomb. How funny I am just about to post a recipe for it on my blog

  3. Gingerbread stars! Yum! We've go a batch of dough chilling in the fridge as I write... I might throw a opulent of stars in with the little men. x

  4. We LOVE pj days in our house too. Lots of gardening going on here as well. x

  5. making gingerbread so on my list now!!! love the little starts and we just spent the weekend catching ladybugs too! xx

  6. Mmmm, gingerbread... You've inspired me! Lovely pics as always :) x

  7. So lovely Jody....
    I can't wait till we can afford to buy a Vegepod and grow our own little garden! Will be so lovely to have our boys help look after it.
    Ronnie xo

  8. I love your pictures of the week, they certainly speak a thousand words. How do you get your kids to seemingly NOT notice they are being photographed. I have a 2yo and as soon as she sees the camera she drops what she is doing and runs towards me and the moment is lost...sigh?

  9. must start baking. beautiful shoots.


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