Thursday, 27 February 2014

moments lately / stills

/ Fresh from the shower. Bringing Grandma up to speed with all the school news.
/ Mr Pea Face.
/ Our new favorite book.
/ School seedlings, somehow we bought home the teachers, opps.
/ We love our girls, but we'd love them more if they started laying for us.
/ Braids and plaits.
/ Hello gecko.

Joining in with Em, late again.


  1. Mr Tiger is a fab book, nice one. And I never knew that was a gecko. We had two in our garage that scared us half to death by hissing at us and dropping their tails - THAT KEPT MOVING AFTER BEING DROPPED. Eeeeek! x

  2. We got our chickens about 3 weeks ago. I love them and am going to collect another 3 this weekend. We got Bantams and are currently getting 1-2 eggs a day. Love the look of Mr Tiger - will have to hunt that one out. Happy weekend to you! xo

  3. Adorable photos...every single one of them!
    PS I'm an accomplished hair plaiter, but braids still elude me!!!!

  4. The braids and plaits are fantastic! Most of the time Lulu won't sit still long enough for me to do her hair & when I do get a chance she pulls it out straight away!

  5. L has only just started asking to have her hair done. its a sweet relief for this hairdresser! x

  6. Thanks Michelle. Braids are tricky, I'm still practicing! x

  7. Thank you, hope you had a good weekend too? We are STILL waiting for eggs, I can't wait much longer! x

  8. I think I may have made up the gecko name perhaps, no tails dropped off this one - thank god!!! x


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