Tuesday, 18 February 2014

school mum

This school mum business is seriously kicking my arse this week and it's only Tuesday. I thought it would get easier as the weeks went on, but it's only getting harder. Drop offs are more traumatic then ever, anxiety and exhaustion are in overload. And the notices - every day -something to remember, something to sign, belongings lost or left behind . Sigh.

We're only three weeks in and my usually happy boy is already playing the 'I'm to sick for school' card. It's a huge change for him, so much to take in, to learn, to remember, so much new. It's overwhelming. His little mind is in overload. I just want to swaddle him up, protect him from everything and hold his hand along the way. But I know this is something he'll have to face and overcome and simply just get used too.

I know we'll find our groove, fall into a routine and school will become second nature... eventually...

Being a mum is hard.


  1. It really is so very different, isn't it? Such a big change, so much to learn. For us mums, I mean! Being a school mum has completely changed my perspectives as a teacher, too- for one thing, I will go a LOT easier on the notes in future years at work, so much unnecessary information! Have you met any other friendly/overwhelmed faces yet? It helps to have some sisters-in-arms. And get some kind of chalkboard/noticeboard going for all the week's activities. I refuse to use up corners of my brain with which day is sport/library/archery/drumming etc. Go and talk to the teacher if your little guy is sad, check how the days are going for him. Go as gently as you can, the flow will come and it will be less 'new'. But make sure everyone is OK, too, OK? (Including you!) xxSarah

  2. oh yeah, I am definitely hearing you hon. I'm so exhausted too! With Ruby changing schools there has been the "I don't want to go to school" call each morning. It's heart breaking, but what can we do? Just wait until it settles, or at least until the holidays? It is hard. How is Lyla going with her kinder days? Jenson is really tired after his, it's a bit of a shock to the system.
    I hope the weeks pass gently for you and energy is restored xoxo

  3. BIG hugs my friend. It sucks at the start.. but really, I promise it does get better! xxx

  4. GourmetGirlfriend18 February 2014 15:06

    it is HARD.
    but it does get better.
    i promise.
    not the being a mum thing- that is always hard....but the school thing.
    it will.
    i promise.
    you are doing a great job. you really are.

  5. It is hard isnt it, the emotions you never knew existed in you and the tiredness, tired right down to the bones. But it does get easier, at least with the school stuff. Hang in there hun as this too shall pass xx

  6. Sure does feel hard sometimes, but take it day at a time and it does get easier x

  7. It is hard, lovely. Exhausting, relentless hard at the beginning. But it does get easier and this phase will pass. Promise. xx

  8. School is even harder. sigh. x

  9. Amy {The Misadventurous Maker}26 February 2014 02:10

    You know I'm feeling this too lovely! It's much trickier than I expected! I hope both of our gorgeous boys find their way. Big hugs xoxoxoxo


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