Monday, 17 February 2014


/ First day at kinder 'I'm going to make am owl'. And so she did.
/ Big school is TIRING.
/ Cat carrying all. the. time.
/ Story time with Uncle Bert.
/ Painting and drawing the rest of her time.
/ A family portrait. With Uncle B, Frankie and Archie of course.
/ First pair of ballet shoes.
/ Baking for lunchboxes.
/ Talking sustainable living and planting an edible garden with our old mate Costa.


Joining with gorgeous Em.


  1. Costa is getting seriously hairy!!
    Big sigh for the ballet shoes - both my girls have just decided to give up :-(

  2. That family portrait is seriously great! And Riley's had a haircut!!
    I can't wait to hear about the day with Costa. Did the kids love it?
    Have a happy week lovely xo

  3. Love Costa, where did you bump into him?

  4. Always so hairy! She just started ballet, I'm hoping she loves it and sticks at it! x

  5. Thanks sweets. A big haircut! The kids loved seeing Costa again, he really is awesome. Hope you have a good week too. xx

  6. Costa's always popping up around the place, this was in Geelong. He really is an old family friend, so we never miss a chance to see him!

  7. That's awesome, love looking at all your pics, you've got a knack for it that I don't possess. How do you know geelong? This is starting to feel like an interrogation, if you know it well I'd love to pick your brains

  8. Thanks Matt. I love a little interrogation! Although I don't know Geelong very well, I think it's quite nice. You thinking about making a move?

  9. Crystal Errington-Deamer18 February 2014 00:02

    Such a great drawing!

  10. You have so many great photos...hands down my favourites this week. Your little artist *swoon* is very talented!!!!!!


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