Thursday, 6 March 2014

in our garden

In our garden we forage, grow and wonder. As a family it's one of the places we love to come together to chat and explore. We care for our animals and learn about new ones that find their way there. Each day discoveries are made and strawberries are shared. We tend to our veggie patch, eat green tomatoes and navigate our way through the chook poop. I'm holding on to these last warm days, where the light lingers longer, soaking up the suns rays and these special moments.



  1. I'm liking the sound of your garden :) It's a little like ours but minus the pets. Some great up close pics there Jody!

  2. Amy {The Misadventurous Maker}10 March 2014 22:44

    I love your garden! And your photos here are just gorgeous. What a talent you have lovely.xoxo


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