Monday, 3 March 2014

stills / week nine

/ I've never been a fan of roses, but these won my heart.
/ Contrasting view, washing pile spilling over. Reality.
/ Pancake stack.
/ Painting my nails. It's a thing now.
/ Paper trail.
/ Dominoes.

I'm coping Em again and going to add the week number to my stills post title. You can check out more stills over here.

Happy week! xx


  1. that washing pile looks familiar, except mine seems to be spread over more surfaces.
    The pancakes look great!

  2. I just couldn't go past that colour! xx

  3. Thanks Leanne, I think mine is slowly creeping over more surfaces!

  4. Orange roses! I need to get my hands on some of those... I spy some Gorman nail polish ;) ;)

  5. Those roses, gorgeous. Hmmm that wash pile looks familiar. Jo ××

  6. Naomi Fenton6 March 2014 18:57

    What beautiful roses! :)


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