Monday, 18 August 2014

makin' it / peg dolls

The little lady begged for some crafting/making over the weekend so we dug out some wooden pegs we'd stashed away for a rainy day. Quite fitting really. Melbourne's grey weather was the perfect backdrop for some casual creativity.

We rummaged through the art supplies and found ourselves some coloured paper, tissue paper, pompoms, feathers, string, and washi tape and set about making our posse of peg princesses (of course) oh and some pirates too!

Things got pretty messy but we had loads of fun. The peg princesses even got a special visit to the dolls house!

What have you been makin' latley?


  1. Aww lovely, what a great crafty activity. I fondly recall making these when I was younger, we"d use any fabric off cuts as little dresses too :) Your peg girls look beautiful! xo
    (Fingers crossed I've worked out how to comment goes....)

  2. Thanks Julie. I wanted to use fabric but didn't have any! xx


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